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POSS Group was established in the year 2004 with a focus on the pharmaceutical retails and Wholesale markets in Mumbai gradually it expanded its operation in ahmedabad and exports of pharmaceuticals, Drug , Formulation & pharmaceutical raw materials.

Poss is a pharmaceutical distributer that supplies medicinal services and products to the pharmaceutical industries, such as chemists and medicinal in bulk. We buy products from the best manufacturers to ensure that product is of excellent quality. Our services and products are sold with particular focus on selected areas of mobility, analytics, and collaboration. Our firm’s product continues to add value for patients and physicians with the ability to dispense compounded medication, all this at an affordable prices and quick deliveries. We have a strong commitment to quality as a means of sustaining a competitive edge during a period of expansion. All our grades meet the Industrial norms as a minimum and our quality regime enables us to sell some of the world's most consistent and natural products. We can easily accommodate to specific requirements in terms of strict hygienic standards and gentle product handling. Just tell us what you need and we will provide you with a fully documented solution, ensuring that your product standards are maintained.

We have safe, non-toxic and non-dusting packaging solutions that provide exceptional moisture adsorbing capacity. With a number of desiccant types available, such as versatile desiccant capsules, sacks and bags, packaged products will be protected from the effects of moisture including fermentation, potency loss and decreased shelf life.

Poss Started its pharmaceutical retail operation as franchisee of "The Medicine Shoppe" which is the Worlds largest retail chain. Its independent breakthrough came in the year 2009 when it started a pharma retail outlet under it own brand name The Chemist Shoppe. It Started its wholesale business in 2005 & has grown at a fast pace. Currently the group has its wholesales operation in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and has expanded its operation in institutional supply & exports.

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